Windows '95 Microsoft Exchange Internet E-mail Configuration.

  1. Open the icon titled Inbox on your desktop
  2. Go to the Tools menu and then down to Services.
  3. Click Add and select Internet Mail.
  4. For the Full name enter your full name (Joe User) and for the E-mail address enter your e-mail address. (
  5. For the Internet mail server enter
  6. For the Account name enter your user name (username) and for the Password, enter your password, both of which you registered with FCI.
  7. Click on the Connection tab and select Connect using the modem.
  8. The Dial using the following connection should be set to FCI, or the name of the Dial-up Networking icon that you created to connect to FCI.
  9. If you click on the Login as you, you can enter your username and password to be used for the dial-up.
  10. The Schedule button allows you to set the time when the program will check for messages.
  11. The Remote mail option is an interesting one. It allows you to check for mail, and only receive headers of the 'new' mail that you have. From there you can select the ones that you want and have them transferred.
  12. After changing any or all of the options in the Internet Mail service you will need to hit the OK button and then it will prompt you to exit and logoff of the Microsoft Exchange before the changes will take effect. To do this, just g o to the File menu and go to 'Exit and Log off'.
  13. With the new service implemented, you should be able to use the Inbox to receive all Internet mail and also utilize the new features in the Microsoft Exchange, like spell check, highlighter, and many others (basically a Microsoft Word type front end is used, so almost any feature in Word is useable in Microsoft Exchange.)

If you have any problems, contact FCI technical support.