FCI Technical Support

Technical Support for IBM OS/2

OS\2 Warp has it's own web browser, news client, ftp client, telnet client, and e-mail client. With the information given below, all of these programs are pre-configured using the information that is supplied below.

Page 1: Login Info

Name: fishbone
Description: Internet connection
Login ID: your login ID
Password: your password
Phone Number: 345-1129
Login Sequence: NONE
Connection Type:
[ ] SLIPP [ X ] PPP
Inactivity time-out option
Minutes to wait
before automatic hang-up:
[ OFF ]

Page 2: Connect Info

Your IP Address: leave blank
Destination IP Address: leave blank
MRU Size: 800
( ) VJ Compression
Domain Name Server:
Your Host Name: one
Your Domain Name: fci.net

Page 3: Server Info

Default Servers/Hosts
News Server: news.fci.net
Gopher Server: leave blank
WWW Server: www.fci.net
Mail Server Information
POP Mail Server: mailhost.fci.net
Reply Domain: fci.net
Reply (Mail) ID: your login ID
POP Login ID: your login ID
POP Password: your password

(this page of information is variable...)

Page 4: Modem Info

Modem type: choose from drop down list
COM Port: modem port #
Speed (Baud): port speed
(i.e. 19,200 or 38,400)
Data Bits: 8
Dial [X] Answer [ ]
Parity: NONE
Prefix: ATDT
Initialization string 1: This line is filled by OS/2
Initialization string 2: REMOVE ANY ITEM FROM THIS LINE
Call Waiting:
[ ] Disable Disable Sequence: [ ]

FAQ soon to come...